The Christian life is a life about patience. We are to be patient with those around us – both believers and unbelievers. We are to be patient with ourselves as we grow in our knowledge of God. We are also to be patient with God, as we endure various challenges and experiences in our daily lives. Sometimes we expect our prayers to be answered instantly. We expect all of our stresses and challenges to disappear the moment we ask God to help us. But it doesn’t always work this way. Some things in our life will take time to be corrected. It will take time for people in our life to change – no matter how hard we pray. It will take time for certain things to come into our lives – money, marriage, a child, etc. This doesn’t mean God isn’t faithful. He is and He always will be, and waiting on God means looking to Him, trusting in Him, and following His will for our lives even when it seems like everything in our lives are going wrong. God is always good to those who are faithful to trust in Him. He never goes back on His promises and He will always act on His love for us.

Taken From 30 day bible study

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