Be You!

People have always told me that I was different or unique. I used to get so offended because I thought it was a bad thing. I thought being different was a weakness and degrading. I thought it was a way for people to put me down. As I have matured and grown in Christ I’ve learned to deeply embrace my uniqueness. I’ve learned to appreciate that I’m different. I even pray for me to continue to be unique, different and for my gifts and talents to stand out. I’ve learned to love me for me because God loves me for me. For Daily Inspiration, For Daily Motivation And To Be Uplifted And Strengthened Through Godly Content PLEASE Follow ➡️ inspirationsbygod Or shawneeb41 For Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration. Feel Free To Share The Good News With Your Family And Friends. ✝️🙏🏾😇🙌🏾
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