“God Has Blessed Us To See The Very First Sunday In A Brand New Year. As We Enter Into 2022 May We Enter It With A Godly Mindset. May We Enter In With 20/20 Vision To Be Able To See With Clarity Everything That God Is Showing Us. May We Enter In Walking By Faith Knowing That God Is The Head Of Our Lives And There Is No Need To Fear. May We Enter In Knowing God’s Plans For Our Lives And The Ability To Meticulously Walk In The Fullness Of Our Purpose. May We Enter In Knowing Better, Wiser, Stronger, Healthier, Wealthier, More Favorable And More Blesssd Days Are Ahead Of You. Embrace This New Beginning And Allow God To FonA New Thing In You. Just Be Sure To Acknowledge God And To Keep Him First In All That You Do.”
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